Chandelier in Swords Castle  

This chandelier was commissioned by Fingal County Council for the ongoing project to renovate the 13th Century Swords Castle. Located some 10 miles north of Dublin city, the castle was once the residence of the first Anglo Norman archbishop of Dublin, John Comyn. Comyn held this prestigious position for 31 years from 1181 to 1212. The chandelier is located in the Constable’s Tower, also dating from the 13th Century.

It is made of oak and comprises three intersecting decorated beams. Each of the six end sections carries a carved head. This impressive piece measures two meters in diameter. It is suspended from the ceiling on a carved post and chain. While I undertook the design and sculpting of the chandelier, the industrial-level construction work was undertaken by Cathal Murray and Larry Gaffrey of Fingal County Council.

My brief was to create a work that would complement the tower’s 13th Century architectural style, without trying to fully emulate it. It is a contemporary element in a working building, not a faux-museum piece. The ambitious Swords Castle restoration project is in still in progress.