Oliver Plunkett National School  

This is an initial sketch model for the Oliver Plunkett National SchoolPublic Commission.

This public commission is due to start in late 2016 or early 2017 This commission concept presents an image of a young girl playing and dancing. The sculpture will be some eight feet in height, including the base. The image of the child leaping into the air is designed to draw children, especially those in infant classes, towards the work. Its essential spirit should convey an overall sense of energy and inclusiveness. The underlying message is that we can all share feelings of excitement and subsequently peace and tranquility through the happy expenditure of energy. A sense of movement is very important in drawing viewers towards the work. A parallel sense of stillness, tranquility and peace is just as important in helping to inculcate the spiritual ease which each of us needs in order to enjoy life to the full. This is seldom a conscious feeling in children, but one that grows in importance as we approach – and learn to appreciate – our own maturity.

The work is designed to sit at the entrance to the school (the exact location will be determined in consultation with the architects). It will be complemented with a bronze relief of some boys looking out a window at the girl.